=> Territory Museum of the Artworks by Filippo Biagioli

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 Territory Museum of the Artworks by
Filippo Biagioli

Serravalle Pistoiese (Italy)

The “Territory Museum of the Artworks by Filippo Biagioli”, that already
counts tribal installations in Piedmont and Liguria, is opening a new
space, this time in Tuscany, the artist’s home region. Thanks to the
sensitiveness and trust of the owners of Podere La Fornace (Serravalle
Pistoiese), who allowed Biagioli to express himself freely, it was
possible to create two spaces of enormous importance to the artist, both
on the symbolic and curatorial side.

The first, small and enclosed in a wooden fence, is the “Garden”. In
this space exists an interaction between small sized tribal sculptures
and aromatic plants that Filippo uses to cure himself, as to symbolize
the human balance between body and spirit. One can find “censers”,
“insect habitats”, guardian figures” made of concrete that live in
symbiosis with plants of lemon balm, oregano, marjoram, chive, lemon
verbena, mint, lavender, tarragon, sage, rosemary, but also ornamental
plants or the olive tree, on whose roots the concrete bowls, modelled by
the artist, rest while waiting to complete their creation process.

The second one, the Park, which is much wider, is located not far from
the Garden. Among the olive trees that grow on a small hill, one can
find 11 Guardian Figures, made of the local wood. They have a double
value, as they have the task of keeping and protecting everything around
them and to attract energy from the very Nature they are defending. In
this way it is created an outdoor space that is very important for
Praying and Recollecting, a space used exactly for these reasons by
Biagioli. At the bottom of the Guardian Figures, in fact, there is a
frame made of blocks that contains concrete bowls and small figures that
serve this purpose.




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